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   (a)   A property is presumed a habitual criminal property if the property is the site:
      (1)   of five or more abatable criminal activities within 365 days resulting in either a report of a law enforcement agency documenting an investigation of an abatable criminal activity on the property or enforcement action against any person associated with the abatable criminal activity on the property; and
      (2)   at which persons have historically committed abatable criminal activities, according to recent crime data.
   (b)   An owner of a habitual criminal property is presumed to have knowingly tolerated the abatable criminal activity at the owner's property by failing to take reasonable steps, including those outlined in Section 27-49(b)(1) of this chapter, as amended, to abate the abatable criminal activity.
   (c)   The presumptions in this section are rebuttable at the accord meeting pursuant to Section 27-49 of this chapter, as amended.  (Ord. 30714)