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      (1)   ABATABLE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY means those activities listed in Chapter 125 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, as amended. The term does not include crimes of family violence. 
      (2)   CHIEF OF POLICE OR CHIEF means the chief of the police department of the city or the chief's designee.
      (3)   CPTED means crime prevention through environmental design and is a multi-disciplinary approach to reducing criminal behavior through environmental design by integrating the following concepts, among others, on property: natural surveillance that eliminates hiding places for people to engage in crime unnoticed; clear delineation of private space from public space; and controlled access onto private property.
      (4)   HABITUAL CRIMINAL PROPERTY means a property that is described in Section 27-48(a) of this chapter, as amended.
      (5)   OWNER means a person who has ownership or title of real property, including, but not limited to:
         (i)   the holder of fee simple title;
         (ii)   the holder of a life estate;
         (iii)   the holder of a leasehold estate for an initial term of five years or more;
         (iv)   the buyer in a contract for deed;
         (v)   a mortgagee, receiver, executor, or trustee in control of real property; and
         (vi)   the named grantee in the last recorded deed.  (Ord. 30714)