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   (a)   The chief of police shall revoke a license if a cause of suspension in Section 9A-7 occurs and the license has been suspended within the preceding 12 months.
   (b)   The chief of police shall revoke a license upon determining that:
      (1)   a licensee has given false or misleading information in the material submitted to the chief of police during the application process;
      (2)   a licensee or an employee is unable to lawfully operate the billiard hall because of physical or mental impairment;
      (3)   a licensee or an employee has knowingly allowed possession, use, or sale of controlled substances on the premises;
      (4)   a licensee or an employee has knowingly allowed prostitution on the premises;
      (5)   a licensee or an employee knowingly permitted a customer to play billiards during a period of time when the billiard hall license was suspended; or
      (6)   a licensee has been convicted of:
         (A)   a felony; or
         (B)   a misdemeanor involving an offense of:
            (i)   prostitution;
            (ii)   promotion of prostitution;
            (iii)   public lewdness;
            (iv)   gambling;
            (v)   violation of the Texas Controlled Substances and Dangerous Drugs Act; or
            (vi)   unlawfully carrying a weapon;
and five years have not elapsed since the termination of any sentence, parole, or probation. The fact that a conviction is being appealed has no effect.
   (c)   When the chief of police revokes a license, the revocation will continue for one year and the licensee may not be issued a billiard hall license for one year from the date revocation became final. If, subsequent to revocation, the chief of police finds that the basis for the revocation action has been corrected or abated, the applicant may be granted a license if at least 90 days have elapsed since the date the revocation became final. If the license was revoked under Subsection (b)(6), an applicant may not apply for or be granted another license until the appropriate number of years required under that subsection have elapsed. (Ord. Nos. 15552; 16066; 25424)