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Sec. 7A-1.   Short title.
Sec. 7A-2.   Definitions.
Sec. 7A-3.   Throwing or depositing litter in public places prohibited; exceptions.
Sec. 7A-3.1.   City removal of shopping cart from a public place.
Sec. 7A-4.   Manner of placing litter in receptacles.
Sec. 7A-5.   Sweeping litter into gutters, etc. prohibited; sidewalks to be kept free of litter by abutting property owners or occupants.
Sec. 7A-6.   Duty of merchants and contractors as to litter in abutting sidewalks, streets, etc.
Sec. 7A-7.   Throwing litter from vehicles prohibited.
Sec. 7A-7.1.   Removal of injurious material from streets.
Sec. 7A-8.   Litter in parks.
Sec. 7A-9.   Litter in fountains, lakes, etc.
Sec. 7A-10.   Throwing, distributing, etc., handbills in public places.
Sec. 7A-11.   Placing handbills in or upon vehicles.
Sec. 7A-12.   Depositing handbills on uninhabited or vacant premises.
Sec. 7A-13.   Distribution of handbills where posted or indicated as prohibited.
Sec. 7A-14.   Manner of distribution of handbills to inhabited premises.
Sec. 7A-15.   Dropping litter, etc., from aircraft prohibited.
Sec. 7A-16.   Prohibiting the posting of notices on poles, trees, and structures; presumptions; defenses.
Sec. 7A-17.   Throwing or depositing litter on private premises.
Sec. 7A-18.   Duty to maintain premises free from litter.
Sec. 7A-19.   Depositing litter on vacant lots prohibited.
Sec. 7A-19.1.   City removal of litter from private premises; notice required.
Sec. 7A-19.2.   Charges to be levied against the premises; lien on premises for failure to pay charges.
Sec. 7A-20.   Penalty for violation of chapter; enforcement of chapter.