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   (a)   If, under Section 7-5.3 of this article, the director determines that a dog is dangerous, that decision is final unless the dog owner files a written appeal with the municipal, justice, or county court  within 15 days after receiving notice that the dog has been determined to be dangerous.  The appeal is a de novo hearing and is a civil proceeding for the purpose of affirming or reversing the director's determination of dangerousness.  If the municipal court affirms the director's determination of dangerousness, the court shall order that the dog owner comply with the ownership requirements set forth in Section 7-5.5 of this article.
   (b)   The dog owner filing an appeal of a municipal court's affirmation of the director's determination shall also file an appeal bond in an amount determined as the estimated costs to board and impound the dog during the appeal process.  The bond must be filed with the court if the dog is impounded in the city's animal shelter or another director-approved facility.  The bond must be used to cover the cost of daily care of the dog.  Should the judge or jury determine the dog is not dangerous, the appeal bond may be returned if the amount has not been assessed as costs of daily care.
   (c)   In addition to the appeal bond, the dog owner is responsible for any costs beyond feeding, including but not limited to: veterinary care, immunizations, medications, and care for other animals or employees injured by the animal.  (Ord. Nos. 26024; 27250; 29403; 30483; 30901)