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   (a)   An owner of a dog commits an offense if the fenced yard, or other outdoor pen or structure, used as the primary living area for the dog or used as an area for the dog to regularly eat, sleep, drink, and eliminate is not:
      (1)   at least 150 square feet for each dog six months of age or older;
      (2)   designed, constructed, and composed of material sufficient to prevent the dog’s escape; and
      (3)   designed in a manner that provides the dog access to the inside of a doghouse, building, or shelter that meets all requirements of Subsection (b) of this section.
   (b)   A doghouse or other building or shelter for a dog must:
      (1)   have a weatherproof top, bottom, and sides;
      (2)   have an opening on no more than one side that allows the dog to remain dry and provides adequate shade during daylight hours to prevent overheating or discomfort to the dog;
      (3)   have a floor that is level and dry;
      (4)   be free from cracks, depressions, and rough areas that might be conducive to insects, parasites, and other pests;
      (5)   be of adequate size to allow the dog to stand erect with the dog’s head up, to turn around easily, and to sit and lie down in a comfortable and normal position;
      (6)   have sufficient clean and dry bedding material or other means of protection from the weather that will allow the dog to retain body heat when the weather is colder than what a dog of that breed and condition can comfortably tolerate;
      (7)   provide a suitable means for the prompt elimination of excess liquid;
      (8)   be structurally sound, maintained in good repair, and constructed with material that protects the dog from injury; and
      (9)   allow the dog easy access in and out. (Ord. 27250)