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   (a)   The director may, upon receipt of an application on a form provided for that purpose, designate a person as an authorized registrar to collect the annual registration fee and issue a registration receipt and registration tag for a dog or cat.  The director may, at his sole discretion and without cause, deny or revoke the designation of any person to act as an authorized registrar.
   (b)   An authorized registrar shall not register a dog or cat without proof that the animal is currently vaccinated or proof that the dog or cat was not vaccinated due to health reasons as verified by a licensed veterinarian.
   (c)   An authorized registrar may, as a service charge, be paid $1 for each dog or cat registration fee collected by the authorized registrar.
   (d)   The director shall provide an authorized registrar with registration receipts, registration tags, and monthly report forms. An authorized registrar must at all times be able to account for all registration receipts and tags issued to the authorized registrar by the director.
   (e)   The director shall establish rules and procedures for the collection and payment of registration fees by authorized registrars and a format for monthly report forms to be used by authorized registrars.
   (f)   Registration fees collected by an authorized registrar must be sent to the director, along with a properly completed monthly report form, by the end of the month following the month in which the registration fees were collected.
   (g)   An authorized registrar who fails to comply with any requirement of this section or with any rule or procedure for the collection and payment of registration fees and the delivery of monthly report forms as established by the director pursuant to this section forfeits the right to be paid a service charge and may be issued a citation for a violation of this section. (Ord. 26024)