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   (a)   The director is authorized to quarantine an animal as provided in Chapter 826 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, as amended, and the rules adopted by the Texas Board of Health under that chapter.
   (b)   Any person with knowledge of a likely rabies exposure to a human must report the incident to the director as soon as possible after the incident.  This requirement does not apply to contact with low-risk animals as defined in 25 TAC §169.22.
   (c)   An owner of an animal commits an offense if, upon notification by the director that the animal has bitten, scratched, or likely exposed a person to rabies, the owner fails to either:
      (1)   surrender the animal immediately to the director for quarantine at a city animal shelter;
      (2)   immediately deliver the animal to a veterinary clinic approved by the director for quarantine at the owner's expense; or
      (3)   quarantine the animal on the owner's property in a secure enclosure approved by the director.  (Ord. Nos. 26024; 30483)