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Sec. 43-1.   Reserved.
Sec. 43-2.   Driving horses, cattle, etc., on certain streets forbidden.
Sec. 43-3.   Moving horses and vehicles at request of street cleaner.
Sec. 43-4.   Fruit stands, stalls, etc., on sidewalks.
Sec. 43-5.   Attracting crowds on sidewalks.
Sec. 43-6.   Unsafe scaffolds.
Sec. 43-7.   Open cellar or trap doors; permitting sidewalk to remain in disrepair.
Sec. 43-8.   Each day obstruction remains deemed separate offense.
Sec. 43-9.   Glass to be removed from highway after a wreck.
Secs. 43-10 thru 43-11.   Reserved.
Sec. 43-12.   Depositing trash on streets and sidewalks.
Sec. 43-13.   Trash, etc., not to accumulate or remain on sidewalks.
Sec. 43-14.   Leaving rubbish in street after completion of building.
Sec. 43-15.   Allowing weeds, grass, etc., to obstruct gutters and sidewalks.
Sec. 43-16.   Throwing fruit peelings on sidewalks.
Sec. 43-17.   Playing ball, throwing stones, etc., in streets.
Sec. 43-18.   Skating on streets and sidewalks.
Sec. 43-19.   Mixing concrete on paved streets.
Sec. 43-20.   Reserved.
Sec. 43-21.   Permits required for alterations, obstructions, etc., of sewers, gutters, etc.
Sec. 43-22.   Marking sidewalks with stencils, etc.
Sec. 43-23.   Injuring or defacing street signs and signposts.
Sec. 43-24.   Heavy articles not to be carried along sidewalks.
Sec. 43-25.   Reserved.
Sec. 43-26.   Height above sidewalk.
Sec. 43-27.   Fastening to buildings; supports.
Sec. 43-28.   Coverings to be fireproof; exceptions.
Sec. 43-29.   Awning posts.
Sec. 43-30.   Extending over public property.
Division 1. Generally.
Subdivision I. In General.
Sec. 43-31.   Purpose of article.
Sec. 43-32.   Definitions.
Sec. 43-33.   Liability of abutting property owners for injuries caused by defective sidewalks.
Sec. 43-34.   Liability of persons making special use of sidewalks.
Sec. 43-35.   Administration and enforcement of article; police power of director.
Sec. 43-36.   Director not personally liable for good faith actions.
Sec. 43-37.   Authority of director generally.
Sec. 43-38.   Effect of article on responsibility for damages.
Sec. 43-39.   Construction permit - Required.
Sec. 43-40.   Same - Application - Information to be furnished by applicants.
Sec. 43-41.   Same - Same - Lot plan to be furnished when requested.
Sec. 43-42.   Same - Expiration; new permit required before recommencing work.
Sec. 43-43.   Surety bond - Required.
Sec. 43-44.   Surety bond - Conditions of issuance.
Sec. 43-45.   Same - Effect of article on persons now engaged in construction, etc.
Sec. 43-46.   Standards for raw materials used in construction.
Sec. 43-47.   Specifications for concrete reinforcing steel.
Sec. 43-48.   Specifications and placement of concrete expansion joint filler.
Sec. 43-49.   Subgrade determination.
Sec. 43-50.   Form, specifications, and placement.
Sec. 43-51.   Concrete - Ingredients and consistency required.
Sec. 43-52.   Same - Placement
Sec. 43-53.   Same - Protecting against extreme temperatures, etc.
Sec. 43-54.   Examination and approval of materials prior to use.
Sec. 43-55.   All work to comply with established lines and grades.
Sec. 43-56.   Protection of grade and line stakes.
Sec. 43-57.   Lights and safeguards.
Sec. 43-58.   Removal of debris, etc., upon completion of work.
Sec. 43-59.   Construction of retaining walls on public property.
Sec. 43-60.   Traffic barriers for service stations and parking lots.
Sec. 43-61.   Same - Placement of curbs.
Sec. 43-62.   Indented parking.
Sec. 43-63.   Repair of defective sidewalks or driveways by abutting property owners.
Sec. 43-64.   Mixing concrete or mortar on existing pavement; unused mixture to be immediately removed.
Sec. 43-65.   Sidewalk drainage openings to have metal covers.
Sec. 43-66.   Alternative materials and construction methods.
Subdivision II. Sidewalks.
Sec. 43-67.   Minimum dimensions; finishing.
Sec. 43-68.   Concrete specifications.
Sec. 43-69.   Form, placement and slope.
Sec. 43-70.   Joints.
Division 2. Material Specifications and Construction Methods.
Subdivision I. Curbs and Gutters.
Sec. 43-71.   Description; composition of concrete and mortar used in construction.
Sec. 43-72.   Construction of joints.
Sec. 43-73.   Forms.
Sec. 43-74.   Placement of concrete and mortar.
Sec. 43-75.   Finishing.
Sec. 43-76.   Protection of new work from traffic; backfilling.
Sec. 43-77.   Final dimensions; gutter ratio required for curb facing; dwelling for driveway construction.
Subdivision II. Driveway Approaches.
Sec. 43-78.   Specifications for materials used in construction.
Sec. 43-79.   Placement and compaction of concrete.
Sec. 43-80.   Finishing.
Sec. 43-81.   Protection from vehicular traffic.
Sec. 43-82.   Removal of curb and gutter where required.
Sec. 43-83.   Maximum space to be occupied.
Sec. 43-84.   Number of approaches permitted.
Sec. 43-85.   Separation of driveway approaches.
Sec. 43-86.   Location; provision for joint approaches.
Sec. 43-87.   Minimum angle in relation to curb line.
Sec. 43-88.   Minimum requirements for approaches near street intersections.
Sec. 43-89.   Location of approaches near traffic interchanges, etc.
Sec. 43-90.   Location of approaches at pedestrian crossings, etc., prohibited.
Sec. 43-91.   Construction in existing angle parking areas prohibited; exceptions.
Sec. 43-92.   Standing or parking of vehicles, etc., on driveway approaches prohibited.
Sec. 43-93.   Abandonment; duty of abutting property owner to restore curb.
Sec. 43-94.   Residential driveway approaches.
Sec. 43-95.   Commercial driveway approaches.
Sec. 43-96.   Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks required.
Sec. 43-97.   Covering snow and ice with sand, ashes, etc.
Sec. 43-98.   Where removed snow and ice to be placed.
Sec. 43-98.1.   Causing ice to form on streets and alleys.
Sec. 43-98.2.   Enforcement.
Sec. 43-99.   Owner or occupant to number buildings.
Sec. 43-100.   Official numbering plan must be followed.
Sec. 43-101.   Specifications for numbers.
Sec. 43-102.   Odd and even numbers.
Sec. 43-103.   Basic units of space for numbering.
Sec. 43-104.   Numbering within building complexes.
Sec. 43-105.   Directional signs within building complexes.
Sec. 43-106.   Diagram of mall areas.
Secs. 43-107 thru 43-110.   Reserved.
Division 1. Licenses for Other than Bicycle Parking Devices, Valet Parking Services, and Newsracks.
Sec. 43-111.   Definitions.
Sec. 43-112.   Application; fee.
Sec. 43-113.   Grant by city council.
Sec. 43-114.   Terms and conditions; duration; right of termination reserved by city.
Sec. 43-115.   Annual fee for use of public right-of- way.
Sec. 43-115.1.   Special fees for the use of public right- of-way.
Sec. 43-115.2.   Licenses for subdivision signs.
Sec. 43-115.3.   Sidewalk Cafe Design Standards Manual.
Sec. 43-116.   Temporary license.
Sec. 43-117.   Penalties.
Sec. 43-118.   Breach by grantee.
Sec. 43-119.   Waiver.
Division 2. Bicycle Parking Devices.
Sec. 43-120.   Definitions.
Sec. 43-121.   License required; application; issuance.
Sec. 43-122.   Denial or revocation of license.
Sec. 43-123.   Expiration of license.
Sec. 43-124.   Standards for installation, operation, and maintenance of a bicycle parking device.
Sec. 43-125.   Location of a bicycle parking device.
Sec. 43-126.   Restrictions on the use of a bicycle parking device prohibited.
Sec. 43-126.1.   Indemnification.
Sec. 43-126.2.   Restoration of the right-of-way.
Division 3. Valet Parking Services.
Sec. 43-126.3.   Definitions.
Sec. 43-126.4.   Purpose.
Sec. 43-126.5.   License required; application; issuance.
Sec. 43-126.6.   Fees.
Sec. 43-126.7.   Denial or revocation of license; temporary suspension.
Sec. 43-126.8.   Expiration of license.
Sec. 43-126.9.   Standards for operation of a valet parking service.
Sec. 43-126.10.   Valet parking service stands.
Sec. 43-126.11.   Location of a valet parking service.
Sec. 43-126.12.   Insurance.
Sec. 43-126.13.   Indemnification.
Sec. 43-126.14.   Signs.
Division 4. Newsracks.
Sec. 43-126.15.   Purpose and intent.
Sec. 43-126.16.   Definitions.
Sec. 43-126.17.   License and decal required.
Sec. 43-126.18.   License application; issuance of license; and display of decals.
Sec. 43-126.19.   Conditions of a license and annual fees.
Sec. 43-126.20.   Denial or revocation of a license.
Sec. 43-126.21.   Appeal from license denial or revocation.
Sec. 43-126.22.   Expiration and renewal of a license.
Sec. 43-126.23.   Allocation of freestanding newsrack locations.
Sec. 43-126.24.   Standards for installation, operation, and maintenance of newsracks.
Sec. 43-126.25.   Locational requirements for newsracks.
Sec. 43-126.26.   Display and distribution of harmful materials through newsracks.
Sec. 43-126.27.   Restoration of the right-of-way.
Sec. 43-126.28.   Removal of newsracks and publications.
Sec. 43-126.29.   Multiple newsrack unit zones.
Sec. 43-126.30.   Split-door newsracks.
Sec. 43-126.31.   Violations; penalty.
Sec. 43-127.   Unlawful solicitation at the convention center and reunion arena.
Sec. 43-128.   Reserved.
Sec. 43-129.   Causing crowd to congregate on sidewalk.
Secs. 43-130 thru 43-132.   Reserved.
Sec. 43-133.   Use of sidewalk for display of merchandise.
Sec. 43-134.   Use of sidewalk to forward or receive merchandise.
Sec. 43-135.   Definitions.
Sec. 43-136.   Director’s authority; enforcement; offenses.
Sec. 43-137.   Registration; other requirements.
Sec. 43-138.   Plans of record.
Sec. 43-139.   Permit required; exceptions; conditions; denial and revocation.
Sec. 43-139.1.   Network nodes and related infrastructure.
Sec. 43-140.   Insurance and indemnity requirements; exceptions.
Sec. 43-140.1.   Performance bond; letter of credit; cash deposit.
Sec. 43-140.2.   Waiver of bonding requirements.
Sec. 43-141.   Miscellaneous requirements for street excavation and installations, trench safety, and above ground utility structures.
Sec. 43-142.   Restoration requirements.
Sec. 43-143.   Clearance for street paving and storm drainage projects.
Sec. 43-144.   Conformance with public improvements.
Sec. 43-145.   Improperly constructed facilities.
Sec. 43-146.   Emergency repairs.
Sec. 43-147.   Effect of article on persons engaged in construction.
Sec. 43-148.   Marking existing underground utilities.
Sec. 43-149.   Director defined.
Sec. 43-150.   Driveways not to be within three feet of poles, etc.
Sec. 43-151.   Removal of poles, etc., to permit construction of driveways - Required.
Sec. 43-152.   Same - Plans to be approved by director.
Sec. 43-153.   Same - Allocation of costs for relocation.
Sec. 43-154.   Permit for driveway to be issued after poles, etc., removed.
Sec. 43-155.   Appeals.
Sec. 43-156.   Fee where poles, etc., to be relocated.
Sec. 43-157.   Definitions.
Sec. 43-158.   General authority and duty of director.
Sec. 43-159.   Establishment of rules and regulations.
Sec. 43-160.   Operating authority permit.
Sec. 43-161.   Application for operating authority permit.
Sec. 43-162.   Changes to information in operating authority application.
Sec. 43-163.   Expiration of operating authority permit.
Sec. 43-164.   Refusal to issue or renew operating authority permit.
Sec. 43-165.   Suspension or revocation of operating authority permit.
Sec. 43-166.   Appeals.
Sec. 43-167.   Nontransferability.
Sec. 43-168.   Operations.
Sec. 43-169.   Dockless vehicle parking, deployment, and operation.
Sec. 43-170.   Insurance requirements.
Sec. 43-171.   Data sharing.
Sec. 43-172.   Vehicle fee and ride fee.
Sec. 43-173.   Performance bond or irrevocable letter of credit.
Sec. 43-174.   Enforcement.
Sec. 43-175.   Criminal offenses.