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SEC. 42-15.   RECORDS.
   (a)   Any registrant who uses an agent to conduct home solicitations in the city shall maintain records containing:
      (1)   the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all persons the registrant contracts with or employs to engage in home solicitations in the city;
      (2)   each agent’s date of birth and driver’s license number (with the state of issuance) or, if the agent does not have a driver’s license, the number from another government-issued personal identification card containing the agent’s photograph and date of birth; and
      (3)   the dates, times, and locations of each home solicitation conducted by the registrant or the registrant’s agent in the city.
   (b)   Records required by Subsection (a) must be maintained by the registrant for at least one year and must be made available for examination by the chief, any police officer, or any city code enforcement officer at reasonable times upon request. (Ord. 29245, eff. 4-22-14)