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   (a)   The chief shall revoke a certificate of registration if the chief determines that:
      (1)   the registrant or an agent of the registrant, individually or cumulatively, has been convicted in any court of two violations of this code or any other law concerning the sale or distribution of goods or services, or the distribution of commercial printed matter, within a 12-month period (the fact that a conviction is being appealed has no effect);
      (2)   the registrant has given false or misleading information of a material nature or has withheld material information on the application or in any hearing concerning the application or registration;
      (3)   the registrant or an agent of the registrant has intentionally or knowingly impeded a lawful inspection by the chief, the chief’s authorized representative, or any representative of another department who has the authority to inspect the registrant and the registrant’s business procedure; or
      (4)   a cause for suspension under Section 42-10 occurs and the certificate of registration has been suspended within the preceding 12 months.
   (b)   The chief shall send to the registrant by certified mail, return receipt requested, a written statement setting forth the reasons for the revocation and notifying the registrant of the right to appeal.
   (c)   If the chief revokes a certificate of registration, the fee already paid for the registration will be forfeited. A person whose certificate of registration has been revoked under this section may not apply for or be issued a new registration for a period of one year after the date the revocation took effect, except that, if the chief determines that the basis for the revocation has been corrected, the person may apply for and be issued a new certificate of registration if at least 90 days have elapsed since the date the revocation took effect. (Ord. 29245, eff. 4-22-14)