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   (a)   The chief may suspend a certificate of registration for a definite period of time not to exceed 30 days if the chief determines that:
      (1)   a violation of this code or any other law concerning the sale or distribution of goods or services, or the distribution of commercial printed matter, by the registrant or the registrant’s agent has occurred; or
      (2)   the registrant or a representative authorized to supervise the registrant’s agents has failed to establish policy and take action to discourage, prevent, or correct violations of this chapter by agents.
   (b)   The chief shall send to the registrant by certified mail, return receipt requested, a written statement setting forth the reasons for the suspension and notifying the registrant of the right to appeal. A timely request for appeal by the registrant stays the effect of the suspension unless the chief determines that an emergency exists.
   (c)   For purposes of this section, an emergency exists if the chief determines that a violation has occurred and constitutes an imminent and serious threat to the public health or safety. In case of an emergency, the chief may order the registrant or the registrant’s representative to correct the violation immediately or cease home solicitations to the extent the chief determines is necessary to abate the threat until the violation is corrected. (Ord. 29245, eff. 4-22- 14)