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   (a)   A licensee or an operator of an adult cabaret commits an offense if he employs, contracts with, or otherwise allows a person to act as an adult cabaret entertainer if the person has been convicted of an offense listed in Section 41A-5(a)(8)(A) for which the time period required in Section 41A-5(a)(8)(B) has not elapsed.
   (b)   An employee of an adult cabaret, while exposing any specified anatomical areas, commits an offense if the employee touches a customer or the clothing of a customer.
   (c)   A customer at an adult cabaret commits an offense if the customer touches an employee who is exposing any specified anatomical areas or touches the clothing of the employee.
   (d)    An adult cabaret may not contain any VIP rooms, except that any VIP room contained in a lawfully operating adult cabaret on April 21, 2008 may continue in existence until April 21, 2009, provided that no adult cabaret entertainment occurs in the VIP room.
   (e)   Except for a restroom or an area of which the entire interior is clearly and completely visible from the exterior of the area, no area of an adult cabaret that is accessible to a customer may be separated from any other customer-accessible area by a door, wall, curtain, drape, partition, or room divider of any kind. Nothing in this subsection precludes the installation or maintenance of any wall or column that is essential to the structural integrity of the building. Any adult cabaret lawfully operating on April 21, 2008 must comply with the requirements of this subsection not later than April 21, 2009.
   (f)   A licensee, an operator, or an employee of an adult cabaret commits an offense if he permits any customer access to an area of the premises:
      (1)   not visible from the manager’s station or not visible by a walk through of the premises without entering a closed area, excluding a restroom; or
      (2)   not regularly open to all customers of the business.
   (g)   Adult cabaret entertainment must occur only in the presence of, and be visually observable by, an employee who is not an adult cabaret entertainer. A licensee or operator commits an offense if he knowingly allows adult cabaret entertainment to be performed in violation of this subsection.
   (h)   The purpose of Subsections (d), (e), (f), and (g) of this section is to reduce the opportunity for unlawful activity such as indecent exposure, solicitation for prostitution, and prostitution that occurs in VIP rooms and other areas of adult cabarets that are not open to the view of management personnel, law enforcement officers, and customers. By prohibiting VIP rooms and requiring adult entertainment to be performed in more open and visible surroundings, unlawful activity will be deterred because it will be more readily observable by management personnel, law enforcement officers, and customers. (Ord. Nos. 23137; 24440; 24699; 27139)