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   (a)   An owner or operator of a sexually oriented business commits an offense if he allows:
      (1)   the merchandise or activities of the establishment to be visible from any point outside the establishment;
      (2)   the exterior portions of the establishment to have flashing lights, or any words, lettering, photographs, silhouettes, drawings, or pictorial representations of any manner except to the extent permitted by this chapter; or
      (3)   the exterior portions of the establishment to be painted any color other than a single achromatic color, except that this paragraph does not apply to an establishment if the following conditions are met:
         (A)   the establishment is a part of a commercial multi-unit center; and
         (B)   the exterior portions of each individual unit in the commercial multi-unit center, including the exterior portions of the establishment, are painted the same color as one another or are painted in such a way as to be a component of the overall architectural style or pattern of the commercial multi-unit center.
   (b)   Nothing in this section requires the painting of an otherwise unpainted exterior portion of a sexually oriented business.
   (c)   The exterior of any sexually oriented business lawfully operating on May 28, 1997 is not required to comply with Subsections (a)(2) and (a)(3) of this section until alterations, repairs, remodeling, and repainting that cumulatively affect more than 50 percent of the exterior are performed on the sexually oriented business during any 12-month period. (Ord. Nos. 23137; 24440; 24699)