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Sec. 31-1.   Swimming in certain water prohibited.
Sec. 31-2.   Setting of booby-traps.
Sec. 31-3.   Discrimination and dress codes in places of public accommodation.
Sec. 31-4.   Discharging a firearm in a private place.
Sec. 31-5.   Glue - Use, sale, and possession.
Sec. 31-6.   Other solvents - Use, sale, and possession.
Sec. 31-7.   Icebox or refrigerator - Abandonment or dangerous exposure prohibited.
Sec. 31-8.   Kites with metallic frames prohibited.
Sec. 31-9.   Kites and moored balloons prohibited near airports.
Sec. 31-10.   Abatement of nuisances.
Sec. 31-11.   Nuisance - Judgment in municipal court.
Sec. 31-12.   Limited hours of certain coin-operated devices.
Sec. 31-13.   Sleeping in a public place.
Sec. 31-13.1.   Prohibition on the unauthorized placement, erection, or maintenance of temporary shelters on designated public property.
Sec. 31-14.   Entering portions of buildings without consent.
Sec. 31-14.1.   Entering motor vehicles without consent.
Sec. 31-15.   Solicitation in certain buildings without consent.
Sec. 31-16.   Replica firearms.
Sec. 31-17.   Specified sex offenders near schools and child-care facilities.
Sec. 31-17.1.   Restrictions on sex offenders residing in the same dwelling unit.
Sec. 31-18.   Urinating or defecating in public.
Sec. 31-19.   Solicitation for sodomy - Not for hire.
Sec. 31-20.   Solicitation for obscene conduct - Not for hire.
Sec. 31-21.   Solicitation in food and drink establishment.
Sec. 31-22.   Regulations for public speeches in Stone Place, Four-Way Place, and Bullington Street Mall.
Sec. 31-22.1.   Regulations for public speeches in public areas surrounding Thanks- Giving Square.
Sec. 31-23.   Unauthorized use of city seal or other insignia.
Sec. 31-24.   Reserved.
Sec. 31-25.   Prohibiting release of rats; defenses.
Sec. 31-26.   Reserved.
Sec. 31-27.   Manifesting the purpose of engaging in prostitution.
Sec. 31-28.   Failure to disclose representation.
Sec. 31-29.   Dialing 9-1-1 when no emergency exists.
Sec. 31-30.   Manifesting the purpose of selling illegal drugs and chemicals.
Sec. 31-31.   Prohibiting free distribution of tobacco products in public places.
Sec. 31-32.   Solicitation to purchase a prohibited substance.
Sec. 31-32.1.   Illegal smoking products and related paraphernalia prohibited.
Sec. 31-33.   Curfew hours for minors.
Sec. 31-34.   Picketing in residential areas.
Sec. 31-35.   Solicitation by coercion; solicitation near designated locations and facilities; solicitation after sunset; solicitation-free zones.
Sec. 31-36.   Menacing another person.
Sec. 31-37.   Hours of closure for certain city property.
Sec. 31-38.   Duty of property owner to remove graffiti.
Sec. 31-39.   Responsibility of parent or guardian for graffiti created by a minor.
Sec. 31-39.1.   Possession of graffiti implements prohibited; presumptions; defenses.
Sec. 31-40.   Possession of shopping carts.
Sec. 31-41.   Lock, take, and hide signs.