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   (a)   The owner of a multitenant property shall attend at least four [eff. 1-1-15] crime watch meetings each calendar year. The meetings attended must be held by crime watch organizations consisting of business owners, single-family residential property owners, or managers, employees, or tenants of multifamily dwellings, or any combination of those groups, gathered for the purpose of improving the quality of life in and around the properties, promoting crime prevention, reducing criminal opportunity, and encouraging cooperation with the Dallas Police Department. The meetings must be attended in the neighborhood in which the multitenant property is located or, if that neighborhood has no crime watch organization, then in the nearest neighborhood that does. A crime watch attendance certificate, signed by a crime watch chair, verifying that the crime watch meeting was attended by the owner of the multitenant property, or by the person designated to attend meetings for the property under Subsection (c), must be maintained with the property's records and submitted to the director upon request.
   (b)   If unable to personally attend every crime watch meeting required by this section, the owner of a multitenant property may designate another person to attend the meetings. A person may not be designated to attend crime watch meetings for more than five separate multitenant properties.  (Ord. Nos. 24481; 25522; 27458; 29306; 30236)