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   (a)   The director shall conduct a graded inspection of each multitenant property and each condominium property at least once every three years, but not more frequently than once a year.  Graded inspections may be conducted more frequently by the director, when determined to be in the interest of the public health, safety, and welfare. The director, in accordance with Subsection (d) of this section, shall also conduct any subsequent inspections of any property failing the graded inspection. The director may conduct nongraded inspections on a multitenant and condominium property at any time the director determines necessary.
      (1)   After completing a graded inspection, the director shall timely issue the property owner or condominium association a certificate of inspection that includes the inspection score.
      (2)   Multitenant properties and condominiums that were constructed and issued a certificate of occupancy within the preceding five years are not subject to a graded inspection.
   (b)   The director shall conduct an inspection of each single dwelling unit rental property at least once every five years but not more frequently than once a year.
   (c)   The inspections conducted pursuant to this section are in addition to any inspections conducted under Section 27-5 of this chapter.
   (d)   The director may use a property condition assessment tool to determine the frequency and the scope of graded inspections.  If a property fails its graded inspection, or if the graded inspection reveals a condition that the director determines to be a nuisance, the owner will be assessed fees for all subsequent inspections of the property conducted for the purposes of determining whether the owner has abated the nuisance or cured the deficiencies noted in the graded inspection.  Inspection fees will be assessed as follows:
      (1)   For a multitenant property, a re-inspection of the exterior and any common area(s): $20 for each separate structure inspected.
      (2)   For a multitenant property, a re- inspection of the interior: $46 for each unit actually re-inspected.
      (3)   For an initial inspection of a single dwelling unit rental property: $110 per single dwelling unit rental property.
      (4)   For a re-inspection of a single dwelling unit rental property: $43 per single dwelling unit rental property.
   (e)   For failure to have or display, at any time, required documentation, including, not limited to, permits, notices, licenses, records, or certificates of occupancy, the fee is $86 multiplied by the total number of units in the multitenant property.
   (f)   The director shall provide a list of the current graded inspection scores for all registered rental properties on the city's website.  (Ord. Nos. 22205; 22695; 24481; 25522; 26598; 27185; 27695; 29879; 30236 ; 31332, eff. 10/1/19)