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   (a)   Each registrant shall maintain at a single location within the city of Dallas, and identified in its registration application, the business records of the rental property or condominium association being registered.  If the registrant refuses to make those records available for inspection by the director or a peace officer, the director or peace officer may seek a court order to inspect the records.
   (b)   Records that must be maintained by the registrant include:
      (1)   the current certificate of occupancy issued for the rental property, if required;
      (2)   deeds or other instruments evidencing ownership for the rental property;
      (3)   a current rental registration application or renewal application;
      (4)   the pool logs, pool permits, and manager of pool operation certificates for any swimming pool on the rental property, if required;
      (5)   leases or rental agreements applicable to the rental property;
      (6)   the crime prevention addendum for each tenant of the property, as required under Section 27-43 of this article;
      (7)   records of attendance at four crime watch meetings in the last calendar year, as required by Section 27-44 of this article, unless the property has not been operated as a rental property during part of the last calendar year;
      (8)   a record of each tenant complaint, describing the complaint and how the complaint was resolved, and which record can only be viewed by the current tenant of the unit complained of and by the city, upon the city's request;
      (9)   a copy of the inspection report described in Section 27-32(b)(5) of this article; and
      (10)   any other records deemed necessary by the director for the administration and enforcement of this article.  (Ord. Nos. 22205; 22695; 24481; 25522; 29306; 30236)