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   (a)   An owner of a rental property and the owner, landlord, or property manager of a condominium association must submit to the director a registration application on a form provided for that purpose by the director. The application must contain the following true and correct information:
      (1)   the name, mailing address, and, telephone number for:
         (A)   the owner of the rental property being registered or the name of the condominium association being registered;
         (B)   the person or persons who can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event of an emergency condition on the rental property. An emergency condition includes any fire, natural disaster, collapse hazard, burst pipe, lack of working utilities, serious police incident, or other condition that requires an immediate response to avoid or minimize potential harm to the rental property, neighboring property, the occupants of the property, or the public.
         (C)   if the owner is not a natural person, then an agent, employee, or officer of the owner or condominium association authorized to receive legal notices and service of legal process on behalf of the owner or condominium association, and, in the case of an entity required to be registered with the State of Texas, the registered agent for service of process for the entity;
         (D)   the holder of any deed of trust or mortgage lien on the rental property being registered;
         (E)   any insurance carriers providing casualty insurance to the owner covering the rental property or condominium association being registered (and providing the applicable policy number(s));
         (F)   any agent, employee, officer, landlord, property manager, and other persons in control of, managing, or operating the rental property or condominium association on behalf of the owner or condominium association; and
      (2)   if the property being registered is part of a multitenant property or a condominium:
         (A)   the name, all legal addresses comprising the property, and the main telephone number, if any, of the property;
         (B)   the number of dwelling units, buildings, and swimming pools located on the property and the total number of bedrooms located on the property (a dwelling unit with no separate bedroom will be counted as one bedroom); and
         (C)   the name, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address for any condominium association applicable to the property;
      (3)   if the owner of the rental property is not a natural person, the form of the entity, including, but not limited to, a corporation, general partnership, limited partnership, trust, or limited liability company, and the state or foreign jurisdiction of organization and registration, if other than the State of Texas, as well as the name and mailing address for each principal officer, director, general partner, trustee, manager, member, or other person charged with the operation, control, or management of the entity;
      (4)   the location of business records pertaining to the rental property or condominium association required to be maintained by Section 27-38 of this article;
      (5)   the official recording information (e.g., volume, page, and county of recording) for the owner's deed and any other instruments evidencing ownership of the rental property or creation and governance of the condominium association being registered;
      (6)   a list of all businesses, whether for-profit or non-profit, operating out of the property and offering goods or services to persons residing at or visiting the property;
      (7)   a copy of the owner's current driver's license or other government-issued personal identification card containing a photograph of the owner, if the owner is a natural person; and
      (8)   any additional information the registrant desires to include or that the director deems necessary to aid in the determination of whether the registration application will be deemed complete.
   (b)   In addition to the application containing the information enumerated above, the owner must also provide an affidavit certifying that the following statements are true:
      (1)   there are no outstanding and unpaid ad valorem taxes or city liens applicable to the rental property being registered;
      (2)   operation of the rental property as currently configured does not violate the city's zoning ordinance;
      (3)   if the rental property is a multitenant property or part of a condominium, that it has a valid and adequate certificate of occupancy;
      (4)   if the rental property owner is an entity required to be registered or incorporated in its jurisdiction of formation, said entity is duly formed, existing, and in good standing with the jurisdiction; and
      (5)   if the rental property is a single dwelling unit rental property, the owner or the owner's agent inspected the interior and exterior of the rental property within the 60 days prior to the submission of the application and the results have been recorded on a form provided by the director. (Ord. Nos. 22205; 22695; 22906; 24481; 25522; 27695; 28019; 28423; 29879; 30236)