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   (a)   Rental properties and condominium associations must provide a complete registration to the director annually.
   (b)   A registration application for a rental property or condominium association that was not previously required to register must be submitted before the owner leases the property or before any condominium units are occupied.
   (c)   Rental registration expires one year after the registration date.
   (d)   The annual registration fee, which includes the initial inspection fee, for a multitenant property is an amount equal to $6.00 times the total number of dwelling units, whether occupied or unoccupied, in the multitenant property.
   (e)   The annual registration fee, which excludes the initial inspection fee, for a single dwelling unit rental property is $21 per single dwelling unit rental property.
   (f)   No refund or prorating of a registration fee will be made.
   (g)   A registrant shall keep the information contained in its registration application current and accurate. If there is any change in the application information, the registrant shall promptly notify the director in writing of the changes information.
   (h)   A registration may be renewed by making application for a renewal in accordance with this article on a form provided by the director. In the application for renewal the registrant shall certify that all information in the then-current registration application is still accurate as of the date of the renewal application or correct any information that is not accurate as of the date of the renewal application. The registrant shall also submit a new, current affidavit certifying the matters identified in Subsection 27-32(b) of this article. (Ord. Nos. 22205; 22695; 24481; 25522; 26455; 27458; 29306; 29753; 30236)