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   (a)   A utility company shall make a reasonable effort (including, but not limited to messenger delivery) to provide notice of a pending utility interruption to tenants of a master metered apartment building.
   (b)   A person commits an offense if he knowingly:
      (1)   interferes with an employee of a utility company posting notices of a utility interruption at dwelling units of a master metered apartment building; or
      (2)   removes a notice of utility interruption posted at a dwelling unit of a master metered apartment building.
   (c)   It is a defense to prosecution under Subsection (b)(2) that the person is the resident of the dwelling unit from which notice was removed.
   (d)   A utility company shall notify the city attorney of any utility interruption to a master metered apartment dwelling unit resulting from a violation of Section 27-28 of this article.  Notice must be given, in writing, not more than three days after utility service is interrupted.
   (e)   A person who is responsible for bills received for electric utility service or gas utility service provided to an apartment, a leased or owner-occupied condominium, or one or more buildings containing at least 10 dwellings that receive electric utility service or gas utility service that is master metered but not submetered, shall comply with the notice requirements in Subchapter G of Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code, as amended.  (Ord. Nos. 16232; 18591; 19234; 25522; 30236)