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   (a)   An administrative citation issued under this article must:
      (1)   notify the person charged with violating the ordinance that the person has the right to a hearing;
      (2)   provide information as to the time and place to appear before the hearing officer;
      (3)   include the nature, date, and location of the violation;
      (4)   notify the person charged with violating the ordinance of the amount of the administrative penalty for which the person may be liable and provide instructions and the due date for paying the administrative penalty;
      (5)   notify the person charged that any request to have the inspector who issued the citation present at the administrative hearing must be in writing and must be received by the hearing officer at least five calendar days before the scheduled hearing date and that the failure to timely request the presence of the inspector constitutes a waiver of the person's right to require the inspector to be present at the hearing;
      (6)   notify the person charged that failure to timely appear at the time and place of the hearing as set forth in the citation or, if the hearing is continued or postponed, at any subsequent hearing, is considered an admission of liability for the violation charged; and
      (7)   contain a return of service signed by the inspector indicating how the administrative citation was served on the person charged.
   (b)   An administrative citation under this article serves as the summons and charging instrument for purposes of this article.
   (c)   A copy of the administrative citation must be kept as a record in the ordinary course of business of the city by the municipal court clerk.
   (d)   An administrative citation kept by the municipal court clerk is rebuttable proof of the facts it states.  (Ord. Nos. 25927; 30236)