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   (a)   Within 15 days after the municipal court enters an order under this article, the city of Dallas or an owner, lienholder, or mortgagee of a structure that is the subject of the order may request that the court modify its order. The request must be in writing and filed with the court.
   (b)   The court shall schedule a hearing on the motion not less than five days or more than 10 days after the request for modification is filed. The movant must promptly deliver a copy of the request and notice of the hearing date and time, in writing, to the city attorney and each owner, lienholder, and mortgagee by either personal service or certified mail, return receipt requested.
   (c)   If circumstances have changed and the court finds good cause, the court may modify the order. The city attorney or the director shall notify the owner, lienholder, and mortgagee of the structure of the modified order in accordance with Sections 27-16.7(f) and (g).  (Ord. Nos. 24457; 26455)