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   (a)   The city attorney or the director shall give notice of a municipal court hearing on the repair, demolition, vacation, or securing of a structure, or the relocation of the occupants of a structure, to any owner, mortgagee, or lienholder of the structure. A diligent effort must be made to discover each owner, mortgagee, or lienholder of the structure and to give such persons notice of the hearing.
   (b)   Notice of the hearing must include:
      (1)   the date, time, and place of the hearing;
      (2)   an identification, which is not required to be a legal description, of the structure and the property on which it is located;
      (3)   a description of the alleged violation or violations of minimum standards that are present on the property; and
      (4)   a statement that the owner, mortgagee, or lienholder must submit at the hearing proof of the scope of any work that may be required to comply with this chapter and the time it will take to reasonably perform the work.
   (c)   On or before the 10th day before the hearing date, notice of the hearing must be:
      (1)   mailed, by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the record owners of the affected property, and each holder of a recorded lien against the property, as shown by the records in the office of the county clerk of the county in which the property is located if the address of the lienholder can be ascertained from the deed of trust establishing the lien or any other applicable instruments on file in the office of the county clerk;
      (2)   posted, to all unknown owners, on the front door of each improvement situated on the affected property or as close to the front door as practicable; and
      (3)   published on one occasion in a newspaper of general circulation in the city.
   (d)   The city attorney or the director may file in the official public records of real property in the county in which the property is located a notice of hearing that contains:
      (1)   the name and address of the property owner, if that information can be determined;
      (2)   a legal description of the property; and
      (3)   a description of the hearing.
   (e)   A notice issued under this section or Section 27-16.8, or an order entered by the municipal court under this article, that is filed in accordance with Subsection (d) is binding on any subsequent grantee, lienholder, or other transferee of an interest in the property who acquires such interest after the filing of the notice or order and constitutes notice of the matter or order to any subsequent grantee, lienholder, or other transferee.  (Ord. Nos. 24457; 26455)