(A)   Regular meetings. Regular meetings of the City Council shall be held at least once each month, at a date, time and place as established by the City Council. Any regular meeting falling upon a holiday shall be held on the next following business day at the same time and place. All meetings, including special and adjourned meetings, shall be held in the city hall unless the City Council decides otherwise at a prior meeting, or meeting in the city hall is impossible.
   (B)   Special meetings. The Mayor or any two members of the City Council may call a special meeting of the City Council upon at least 24 hours written notice to each member of the City Council. This notice shall be delivered personally to each member or shall be left at the member's usual place of residence with some responsible person. Pursuant to M.S. Ch. 13D, as it may be amended from time to time, written notice of any special meeting shall be posted giving the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting at least three days before the meeting. Written notice shall be mailed at least three days before the meeting to anyone who has filed a written request for notice of special meetings. In calculating the three days, if the last day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, the next regular business day shall be counted as the third day.
   (C)   Emergency meetings. Notice of emergency meetings shall be given as required by M.S. Ch. 13D, as it may be amended from time to time. An emergency meeting is a meeting defined by M.S. Ch. 13D, as it may be amended from time to time.
   (D)   Initial meeting. At the first regular City Council meeting in January of each year, the City Council shall:
      (1)   Designate the depositories of city funds;
      (2)   Designate the official newspaper;
      (3)   Choose one of the Council Members as Acting Mayor, who shall perform the duties of the Mayor during the disability or absence of the Mayor from the city or, in case of a vacancy in the office of Mayor, until a successor has been appointed and qualifies;
      (4)   Appoint officers and employees and members of departments, boards, commissions and committees as may be necessary;
      (5)   Establish and appoint Council Members to those City Council committees as are deemed appropriate for the efficient and orderly management of the city.
   (E)   Public meetings. All City Council meetings, including special, emergency and adjourned meetings and meetings of City Council committees, as well as meetings of City Commissions and Boards, shall be conducted in accordance with the Minnesota Open Meeting Law, M.S. Ch. 13D, as it may be amended from time to time.