(A)   Prohibited material.  No fence or wall shall be constructed of any electrically charged element or barbed wire.
   (B)   Approved material.  All fences in residential districts shall be constructed of stone, brick, finished wood, chained link or vinyl. The finished side of the fence, or that side of the fence without exposed support or posts, shall face the neighboring property or streets.
   (C)   Side and rear yard requirements.  No fence or wall located in a side or a rear yard shall be of height exceeding four feet, measured from its top edge to the ground at any point. (See Title 17 for amendment)
   (D)   Front yards.  No fence or wall shall be located in a front yard.
   (E)   Maintenance.  Every fence or wall shall be maintained in a good and safe condition at all times. Every damaged or missing element of any fence or wall shall be prepared or replaced immediately.
   (F)   Setbacks.  No fence may be located less than six inches from a property line. No fence, wall, hedge or other screening device shall be permitted to encroach on any public right-of-way.
Penalty, see § 151.99