(A)   All fences of more than 30 inches in height shall require a permit.
   (B)   No fence shall contain barbed wire.
   (C)   No fence shall be charged with electric current, except within an agricultural district.
   (D)   No fence, wall or other obstruction to vision above a height of 30 inches from the established street grades shall be permitted within the triangular area formed at the intersection of any street right-of- way lines by a straight line drawn between the right-of-way lines at a distance along each line of 25 feet from their point of intersection.
   (E)   Fences must be maintained so as not to endanger life or property and any fence which, through lack of repair, type of construction or otherwise, that imperils health, life or property or the well-being of a neighborhood shall be deemed a nuisance.
   (F)   All fences must be located on the private property of the person, firm or corporation constructing the fence.
   (G)   All fences must comply with all other requirements of law or this code as it applies to fence installation and materials.
Penalty, see § 151.99