(A)   General.  Manufactured home parks that are licensed by the State Department of Health are conditional uses in any zoning district that allows the construction or placement of a building used or intended to be used by two or more families.  All manufactured home parks shall, in addition to any requirements imposed by rule of the State Department of Health or law, meet the following performance standards and any other conditions placed on them by the conditional use permit.
   (B)   Permitted uses and structures.
      (1)   Manufactured homes.
      (2)   Essential services such as water, sewer, telephone and electric utilities.
   (C)   Accessory uses.
      (1)   Recreational vehicles and equipment.
      (2)   Recreational facilities, gardens, commons and open space which are operated for the enjoyment and convenience of the residents of the principal use and their guests, such as tennis courts and swimming pools.
      (3)   Building for storage of maintenance equipment incidental to the principal use.
      (4)   Solar panels and equipment.
   (D)   Conditional use.  Customary home occupations as set forth in § 151.21(D).
   (E)   Lot requirements and setbacks.  The following minimum requirements shall be observed in a manufactured home park, subject to additional requirements, exceptions and modifications set forth in this chapter:
      (1)   Lot area.  Each individual manufactured home site shall contain at least 5,000 square feet for exclusive use of the occupant.
      (2)   Lot width.  Each individual manufactured home site shall have a lot width of at least 50 feet.
      (3)   Setbacks for each individual manufactured home site.
         (a)   Front yards.  Not less than 15 feet.
         (b)   Side yards.  5 feet.
         (c)   Rear yards.  8 feet.
      (4)   Detached accessory building setback requirements.  Not less than 5 feet from the rear lot line and not less than 4 feet from the side yard lines in the rear yard.
   (F)   Parking.  Refer to §§ 151.35 through 151.39.
Penalty, see § 151.99