(A)   For the purpose of the requirements of this chapter, the terms PEDDLER, SOLICITOR, and TRANSIENT MERCHANT shall not apply to any person selling or attempting to sell at wholesale any goods, wares, products, merchandise or other personal property to a retailer of the items being sold by the wholesaler.  The terms also shall not apply to any person who makes initial contacts with other people for the purpose of establishing or trying to establish a regular customer delivery route for the delivery of perishable food and dairy products such as baked goods and milk, nor shall they apply to any person making deliveries of perishable food and dairy products to the customers on his or her established regular delivery route.
   (B)   In addition, persons conducting the type of sales commonly known as garage sales, rummage sales, or estate sales, as well as those persons participating in an organized multi-person bazaar or flea market, shall be exempt from the definitions of PEDDLERS, SOLICITORS, and TRANSIENT MERCHANTS, as shall be anyone conducting an auction as a properly licensed auctioneer, or any officer of the court conducting a court-ordered sale.  Exemption from the definitions for the scope of this chapter shall not excuse any person from complying with any other applicable statutory provision or local ordinance.
   (C)   Nothing in this chapter shall be interpreted to prohibit or restrict door-to-door advocacy. Persons engaging in door-to-door advocacy shall not be required to register as solicitors under § 113.07. The term DOOR-TO-DOOR ADVOCACY includes door-to-door canvassing and pamphleteering as vehicles for the dissemination of religious, political and other ideas.