A.   Location: All curbs and gutters hereafter constructed in the city shall be constructed so that the side of the curb nearest the property line shall be ten feet (10') from the property line of the property in front of which said curb is constructed, unless the city council, upon application, grants its approval to vary or deviate from this distance, location and position. (Ord. 13.24)
   B.   Specifications:
      1.   All new curbs and gutters shall consist of combined curb and gutter constructed of structural concrete in conformity with the standard drawings no. 02528-1, 02528-2, 02529-1, 02529-5, 02529-6, 02529-7, 02529-8, and 02529-9, contained in appendix A to ordinance 190, on file in the office of the city clerk- treasurer, except where they are being constructed in a location where they will not match or conform to those already in place. If such is the situation, then and in that event, the curbs and gutters shall conform to those already in place. All curbs shall be separated from any abutting sidewalk by an expansion joint, and no curbs or curbs and gutters shall be constructed as an integral part of any sidewalks. (Ord. 13.24; amd. 2006 Code)
      2.   The curb and gutter shown in standard drawing no. 02528-2 shall be installed only after special approval by the city council after consultation with the city engineer or city superintendent. (Ord. 13.24)