A.   Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person may not operate a vehicle while using a handheld mobile telephone to engage in a call or while using a mobile electronic device.
   B.   Subsection A of this section does not apply to:
      1.   The use of a handheld mobile telephone for the sole purpose of communicating with any of the following regarding an emergency situation:
         a.   An emergency response operator;
         b.   A hospital, physician's office, or health clinic;
         c.   An ambulance company or service;
         d.   A Fire Department; or
         e.   A Police Department.
      2.   Any of the following persons while in the performance of their official duties and within the scope of their employment:
         a.   A public safety officer as defined in section 44-4-401, Montana Code Annotated; and
         b.   A firefighter or operator of an ambulance or other authorized emergency vehicle as defined in section 61-8-102, Montana Code Annotated.
      3.   The use of a hands free accessory or hands free mobile telephone. (Ord. 15-01, 11-9-2015)