19.04   General Provisions
      19.08   Definitions
      19.12   Administration
      19.16   Designations and Establishment of Districts
      19.20   Permitted, Conditional and Excluded Uses in Agricultural and Residential Zones
      19.24   Agricultural (A) and Agricultural-Residential (A-1) Zones
      19.28   Single-Family Residential (R-1) Zones
      19.32   Residential Duplex (R-2) Zones
      19.36   Multiple-Family Residential (R-3) Zones
      19.40   Residential Hillside (RHS) Zones*
      19.44   Residential Single-Family Cluster (R1C) Zones
      19.48   Fences
      19.52   Reasonable Accommodation
      19.56   Density Bonus
      19.60   General Commercial (CG) Zones*
      19.64   Permitted, Conditional and Excluded Uses in Office and Industrial Zoning Districts
      19.68   Administrative and Professional Office (OA & OP) Zones
      19.72   Light Industrial (ML) and Industrial Park (MP) Zones
      19.76   Public Building (BA), Quasi-Public Building (BQ) and Transportation (T) Zones
      19.80   Planned Development (P) Zones
      19.84   Permitted, Conditional and Excluded Uses in Open Space, Park and Recreation and Private Recreation Zoning Districts
      19.88   Open Space (OS) Zones
      19.92   Park and Recreation (PR) Zones
      19.96   Private Recreation (FP) Zone
      19.98   Marijuana
      19.100   Accessory Buildings/Structures
      19.102   Glass and Lighting Standards
      19.104   Signs
      19.108   Beverage Container Redemption and Recycling Centers
      19.112   Accessory Dwelling Units
      19.116   Conversions of Apartment Projects to Common Interest Developments
      19.120   Home Occupations
      19.124   Parking Regulations
      19.128   Adult-Oriented Commercial Activities
      19.132   Concurrent Sale of Alcoholic Beverages and Gasoline
      19.136   Wireless Communications Facilities
      19.140   Nonconforming Uses and Nonconforming Facilities
      19.144   Development Agreements
      19.148   Required Artwork in Public and Private Developments
      19.152   Amendments to the Zoning Maps and Zoning Regulations
      19.156   Development Permits, Conditional Use Permits and Variances
      19.160   Temporary Uses
      19.164   Administrative Approval of Minor Changes in Projects*
      19.168   Architectural and Site Review*
      19.172   Below Market Rate Housing Program