19.144.010   Findings and declaration of intent.
   19.144.020   Purpose of development agreement.
   19.144.030   Authority for adoption.
   19.144.040   Application requirements.
   19.144.050   Qualification as an applicant.
   19.144.060   Proposed form of development agreement.
   19.144.070   Contents of a development agreement.
   19.144.080   Consistency with general and specific plans.
   19.144.090   Public hearing and ordinance required.
   19.144.110   Findings.
   19.144.120   Irregularity in proceeding.
   19.144.140   Time for and initiation of review.
   19.144.150   Finding of compliance–Appeal.
   19.144.160   Finding of noncompliance–Appeal.
   19.144.170   Appeal of determination.
   19.144.190   Cancellation or modification by mutual consent.
   19.144.200   Cancellation by the city.
   19.144.210   Rights of the parties after cancellation or termination.
   19.144.220   Rules affecting development agreement.
   19.144.230   Separate procedure.
   19.144.240   Effect of development agreement.
   19.144.250   Construction.
   19.144.260   Execution and recordation of development agreement, amendment or cancellation.
   19.144.270   Judicial review–Time limitation.