19.104.010   Purpose and intent.
   19.104.020   Applicability of regulations.
   19.104.030   Permit required.
   19.104.040   Sign permit application requirements.
   19.104.050   Sign permit application–Review criteria.
   19.104.060   Inspection requirements.
   19.104.070   Appeals.
   19.104.080   Obstructions prohibited.
   19.104.090   Construction and maintenance specifications.
   19.104.100   Signs exempt from permit requirements.
   19.104.110   Prohibited signs.
   19.104.120   Signs in special planning districts.
   19.104.130   Sign program–Applicability, requirements and findings.
   19.104.140   Permanent wall signs.
   19.104.150   Permanent window signs, blade signs & logos, symbols or insignias.
   19.104.160   Ground signs.
   19.104.170   Gasoline station signs.
   19.104.180   Electronic readerboard signs, changeable copy signs, exposed & visible neon signs, decorative statuary and beverage container recycling signs.
   19.104.190   Signs in and near residential districts.
   19.104.200   Freeway orientation.
   19.104.205   Message substitution.
   19.104.210   Landmark signs.
   19.104.220   Design criteria–Permanent signs.
   19.104.230   Illumination restrictions.
   19.104.240   Temporary signs–Location.
   19.104.250   Temporary signs–Flags, garage sales, political signs and subdivision signs.
   19.104.260   Temporary signs–Real estate signs and project announcement signs.
   19.104.270   Temporary signs–Special event banners, promotional devices, and portable signs and displays.
   19.104.280   Temporary window signs.
   19.104.290   Exception–Findings.
   19.104.300   Enforcement of provisions.
   19.104.310   Nonconforming signs.
   19.104.320   Abandoned or discontinued signs.
   19.104.330   Illegal signs on private property.
   19.104.340   Illegal signs in public right-of-way or on public property.
   19.104.350   Summary removal authorized.
   19.104.360   Illegal signs–Responsible party for costs and fees–Storage, reclamation and disposal of removed signs.
   19.104.370   Illegal signs–Deemed public nuisance–Court action authorized.
   19.104.380   Violation deemed infraction–Penalty.
   Appendix A:   Example of How to Figure Size and Location of Ground Signs.
   Appendix B:   Landmark Signs.
   Appendix C:   Examples of Well Proportioned Signs; Examples of Signs Not Well Proportioned.