19.100.030   Site Development Regulations.
   A.   General Regulations. Except as otherwise provided in this section, accessory buildings shall at all times be located in conformance with requirements for principal buildings, and shall not be located in any required front, sides, or rear yard setback area.
   B.   Residential and Agricultural Zones. In residential and agricultural zoning districts, accessory buildings and structures may be located in a required interior yard, subject to the restrictions in Table 19.100.030.
Table 19.100.030:  Site Development Regulations
1.   Accessory buildings and structures (including decks and patios) which are attached to principal dwellings
Ground level paving, landscape features, and open recreational facilities
Excluded from lot coverage regulations
Attached accessory buildings/structures
Must meet all site development regulations, including setbacks, height and lot coverage regulations applicable to principal dwellings in the applicable zone.
Attachment to principal dwelling
Must be structurally integrated with the principal dwelling.
Unenclosed Patio Covers
Setback from rear property line = 10 feet
Attached Recreational Structures with a floor or a step height greater than 18 inches above any point of the adjoining finished grade
Setback from any property line = 10 feet
First-floor decks and patios, other than described in (e) above
Setback from any property line = 3 feet
Second story decks and patios
As set forth in each of the individual chapters.If not identified in that zoning ordinance:Minimum side yard setback = 15 feetMinimum rear yard setback = 20 feetEncroachment into required front yard setback = 3 feet maximum
2.   Detached Accessory Buildings/ Structures in R-1, RHS, A, A-1 and R-2 Zoning Districts
In R-1, RHS, A and A-1 zones:
Area of Accessory Buildings/Structures, not including garage space
Limited to the gross building area as per Section 19.112.030(A)
Basements in Accessory Buildings/Structures
Shall count as floor area.
iii .
Basement lightwells in Accessory Buildings/Structures
Shall conform to Section 19.28.070
Accessory Buildings/Structures with living space
Shall conform to Chapter 19.112
Maximum lot coverage
30% of the useable rear yard area
Minimum setback from principal dwelling
5 feet (measured between the eaves)
Minimum Setback (except for detached recreational buildings/structures in 2(j))
20 feet in residential zones30 feet in agricultural zones
3 feet
iii .
Interior side - 3 feetStreet side on corner lot - 15 feetStreet side on corner lot adjacent to key lot - 20 feet
Table 19.100.030:  Site Development Regulations (Cont.)
2.   Detached Accessory Buildings/ Structures in R-1, RHS, A, A-1 and R-2 Zoning Districts (Cont.)
For interior lots abutting only one street, in R-2 and R-3 zones
No detached accessory building or structure, except a detached garage, may occupy the front 50% of the lot area.
Small, portable storage buildings less than 6 feet in height, not attached to a building, permanent foundation or pad
1.   Setback from principal dwelling unit may be less than five feet and
2.   Setback from any property line must be at least three feet.
Maximum Height
20 feet (limited to one story)
Maximum Wall Plane Height
1.   Shall not exceed seven feet beginning at a three foot setback from rear or side property lines.
2.   The wall plane height may be increased by one foot for each additional one and one-half feet of setback (corresponding to a thirty-three-degree angle),  up to a maximum wall plane height of fifteen feet, as depicted in the diagram attached to the ordinance codified in this title.
Walls less than five feet from a property line
1.   May have windows if they have obscured glass or have a sill height above five feet from the floor.
2.   This does not apply to skylights or windows which face a right-of-way or a non-residential zoning district.
Detached recreational buildings/structures with a floor or step height greater than eighteen inches above any point at the adjoining finished grade
Setback from any property line = 10 feet other than affixed play structures in 2(k) below.
Affixed play structures, such as a swing or climbing apparatus
Allowed in setback area defined in 2(j) above provided that:
1.   Setback from any property line = 3 feet, and
2.   If it does not comply with the requirements of Sections
19.100.030(B)(2)(h) and (2)(j) above, shall meet one of the two conditions below:
   i.   It is adjacent to the front or street side property line of a corner lot or
   ii.   If the structure exceeds the requirements relative to a property line other than the front or street side property line of a corner lot, the immediately adjacent property owner agrees to the location prior to construction.
(Ord. 2085, § 2 (part), 2011)