This Section provides location and operating standards for the establishment of alcoholic beverage sales facilities (for off-site or on-site consumption) in compliance with Article 2 (Zoning Districts, Allowable Land Uses and Zone-Specific Standards).
   A.   Permit Requirement.  Establishments offering the retail sale of alcoholic beverages are subject to all of the restrictions of the applicable zoning district, and shall only be allowed as identified in Table 4-1 (Permit Requirements for Alcoholic Beverage Sales), which may require an Administrative Use Permit (AUP) or a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in compliance with Chapter 17.530 (Administrative Use Permits and Conditional Use Permits).
Table 4-1
Permit Requirements for Alcoholic Beverage Sales
Zoning District(s):  Type of Establishment
Permit Requirement
CN Zoning District:
1.   Alcoholic beverage sales incidental to a restaurant or retail use:
CG, CD, CC, CRR, CRB, IL, IG, and S Zoning Districts:
1.    Alcoholic beverage sales if established:
   a.   Within 300 feet of residentially zoned property or an elementary/secondary school.
   b.   More than 300 feet from a residentially zoned property or an elementary/secondary school.
No use permit required
   c.   As an ancillary beverage tasting facility or artisanal alcohol production exceeding 20% gross floor area of the primary use but no greater than 30% gross floor area of the primary use.
2.   Alcoholic beverage sales with the concurrent retailing of motor vehicle fuel.
   B.   Considerations for Approval of a Use Permit.  In making the findings required for the approval of an Administrative Use Permit or Conditional Use Permit, the following issues shall also be considered. 
      1.   Whether the proposed use will result in an undue concentration of establishments dispensing alcoholic beverages.
      2.   Whether the proposed use will result in any adverse impact on any adjacent or nearby residential uses, religious facilities, schools, libraries, public parks and playgrounds, and other similar uses.
   C.   Vehicle Fueling Stations Selling Alcoholic Beverages. In addition to the other requirements of this section, vehicle fueling stations selling alcoholic beverages shall be subject to the following.
      1.   No advertisement of alcoholic beverages shall be displayed at motor vehicle fuel islands.
      2.   No illuminated advertising for alcoholic beverages shall be located on buildings, windows, doors, or freestanding signs. 
(Ord. No. 2005-007 § 1 (part); Ord. No. 2018-011 § 2 (part))