At the written request of any interested person, or at the Director's discretion, the Director may determine the meaning or applicability of any requirement of this Title, and may issue an official interpretation.
   A.   Request for Interpretation. A request shall be written that specifically states the provision(s) in question and provides any information to assist in the review.
   B.   Record of Interpretations. Official interpretations shall be:
      1.   In writing, and shall quote the provisions of this Title being interpreted, and explain their meaning or applicability in the particular or general circumstances that caused the need for interpretation; and
      2.   Distributed to the Council, Commission, City Attorney, City Clerk, and all pertinent staff.
   Any provision of this Title determined by the Director to need refinement or revision should be corrected by amending this Title as soon as is practical. Until amendments can occur, the Director will maintain a complete record of all official interpretations, available for public review, and indexed by the number of the Section being interpreted.
   C.   Appeals and Referral. Any interpretation of this Title by the Director may be appealed to the Board as provided by § 3.03.235 (Board of Zoning Adjustment) of the CCMC. The Director may also refer any interpretation to the Board for a determination.
(Ord. No. 2005-007 § 1 (part))