§ 15.06.300 PURPOSE.
   The City Council finds and declares:
   A.   The public interest, convenience, health, welfare and safety require neighborhood and community park and recreational facilities must be provided for the enhancement of the quality of life of City's residents.
   B.   The public interest requires three (3) acres of community park or recreational facilities for each one thousand (1,000) persons within the City shall be provided and maintained for community parks and recreational purposes.
   C.   There currently is a deficiency in the City's community park and recreational facilities and land because the requisite three (3) acres per thousand (1,000) persons is not provided.
   D.   This deficiency is caused, in significant part, by residential construction without adequate community park and recreational facilities and land for the residents.
   E.   The developer of residential units who does not subdivide the land upon which the units are constructed increases the population of the City and adds to the need for public recreational facilities to the same extent as the subdivider of land for residential construction.
   F.   Development of new and rehabilitation of existing community park and recreational facilities should be financed by applicants for developments which are served by public recreational facilities.
   G.   Establishment of residential development park dedication and in lieu fees, as provided in this Subchapter, will promote the general welfare by requiring all developers of residential units to pay a share of the cost of developing new, and rehabilitating existing, community park and recreational facilities which will serve the residents of the development.
('65 Code, § 33h-40) (Ord. No. 90-003 § 1)
   Parks, public buildings and property, see Ch. 9.10