A.   Disaster Council membership. The Culver City Disaster Council shall consist of the members of the City Council. The Mayor shall serve as Chairperson, and the Vice Mayor shall serve as Vice Chairperson.
   B.   Powers and duties. It shall be the duty of the Disaster Council, and it is hereby empowered:
      1.   To develop and recommend for adoption by the City Council, emergency and mutual aid plans and agreements, and such ordinances and resolutions and rules and regulations as are necessary to implement such plans and agreements.
      2.   To forward a copy of any emergency plan developed and adopted by the City to the State of California Office of Emergency Services, including without limitation, the City of Culver City Emergency Plan provided for in § 3.09.030.
      3.   To register disaster service workers; provided, however, that the Disaster Council may delegate the act of registering disaster service workers to others through the City of Culver City Emergency Plan.
      4.   To designate the individual responsible for keeping the registration of disaster service workers current, and for the accuracy and safekeeping of the official registration records, provided however, that the documented proof that the disaster service worker has taken the oath of office shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk.
      5.   To direct the activities of disaster service workers within the City through its role in the adoption of the City of Culver City Emergency Plan. The Emergency Plan shall delegate to City staff the authority to direct the activities of disaster service workers during a Local Emergency, State of Emergency, or State of War Emergency.
('65 Code, §§ 12-3 - 12-4) (Ord. No. CS-696 § 1 (part); Ord. No. 2010-004 § 2 (part))