(A)   Reference to offices.  Reference to a public office or officer shall be deemed to apply to any office, officer or employee of this municipality exercising the powers, duties or functions contemplated in the provision, irrespective of any transfer of functions or change in the official title of the functionary.
   (B)   Name designations.  Whenever any ordinance or resolution of the Council refers to any board, bureau, commission, division, department, officer, agency, authority or instrumentality of any government, and that name designation is incorrectly stated; or at the time of the effective date of that ordinance or subsequent thereto, the rights, powers, duties or liabilities placed with that entity are or were transferred to a different entity; then the named board, bureau, commission, department, division, officer, agency, authority or instrumentality, whether correctly named in the ordinance at its effective date or not, means that correctly named entity, or the entity to which the duties, liabilities, powers and rights were transferred.
(I.C. 1-1-6-1)