(A)   The provisions of the within enabling Ordinance hereafter shall establish, pursuant to the provisions of I.C. 36-5-4-12, new and replacement authorization for the Clerk-Treasurer of the town to make certain disbursements for necessary and emergency payments prior to approval of invoices, with confirmation of claim payment consistent with said applicable state law, as set forth hereinafter.
   (B)   That the Town Clerk-Treasurer is authorized and directed to make claim payments in advance of Town Council approval for the following types of expenses providing that the Town Council confirms such disbursements and payment of claims at the next public meeting at which confirming payments are considered, namely:
      (1)   Property or services purchased or leased from:
         (a)   The United States government; and
         (b)   An agency or a political subdivision of the United States government;
      (2)   License fees or permit fees;
      (3)   Insurance premiums;
      (4)   Utility payments or utility connection charges;
      (5)   Federal grant programs if:
         (a)   Advance funding is not prohibited; and
         (b)   The contracting party provides sufficient security for the amount advanced;
      (6)   Grants of state funds authorized by statute;
      (7)   Maintenance agreements or service agreements;
      (8)   Lease agreements or rental agreements;
      (9)   Principal and interest payments on bonds;
      (10)   Payroll;
      (11)   State, Federal, and county taxes;
      (12)   Expenses that must be paid because of emergency circumstances;
      (13)   Non-taxable funds temporarily or tentatively held for payment to a specific purpose or person in the manner and at the times required by the terms of receipt of said funds;
      (14)   Products or services the bid for which has been accepted by the Town Council, the acceptance of the products or services has been approved by the Town Manager, or his/her delegate; and
      (15)   Normal, routine business matters, such as mailing of utility bills, reimbursement to Employees, refunds to customers, advance registrations, purchases made under the town that could incur a penalty or late charge if not paid by the vendor's designated due date, and the like.
   (C)   In the event that the Town Council is unable to meet for a period of time exceeding 14 days, an “interim docket” will be prepared and disseminated among the Council Members. If there is no objection by the majority of Council Members, the vouchers on the “interim docket” will be paid and confirmed at the next regular Town Council meeting.
   (D)   That nothing herein is intended to relieve the Clerk-Treasurer of the town or the Town Council of the lawful responsibilities and obligations generally required with respect to invoices, approval or invoices, or disbursements of funds in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana, as amended, in the rules and regulations of the supervising agencies thereof.
(Ord. 2013-007, passed 10-22-2013)