(A)   Acting under and pursuant to I.C. 36-1-3, the Home Rule Statute of the state, the Town Council hereby declares that the establishment of an Enforcement Aid Fund is within the inherent powers of a municipality, and the creation of the Fund is not specifically prohibited by any state statute, nor is the same reserved to the state alone, and therefore, acting in the public interest of the health and safety of the residents of the town, the Enforcement Aid Fund is hereby created.
   (B)   The Fund shall be known as the Enforcement Aid Fund and the Town Marshal is hereby authorized to create and use the Fund, in a manner similar in all respects to the establishment of a Petty Cash Fund under I.C. 36-1-8-3, and the Town Marshal shall be allowed to make payments out of the Fund, once properly appropriated by the Town Council, without the need to receive the prior written approval of the Town Council as to each expenditure. The Town Marshal shall account for the use no less infrequently than quarterly to the Town Council, by written report as to the amounts paid to informants, and other information as may be requested by the Town Council, without impairing the use of the Fund by the Town Marshal for the purpose for which it was created.
   (C)   All reimbursements to the Fund shall be as provided for under I.C. 36-1-8-3 for Petty Cash Funds, and as further provided for above.
   (D)   The Town Marshal, at his or her option, shall utilize either the Guidelines for Confidential Expenditures, Appendix J, Indiana Criminal Justice Planning Agency Financial Guide or Guidelines for Withdrawal of Money and Reporting Procedures of Enforcement Aid Fund Moneys, Indiana State Police Department in documenting the use of all monies in the Fund, and at any time the Town Council determines that the guidelines are not being used and the monies are not being spent pursuant to the guidelines, then in that event, the Town Marshal shall be held personally accountable for any expenditures made out of the Fund at any time during the existence of the Fund, and the Fund may be terminated by action of the Town Council.
   (E)   Monies in the Fund may be spent for any of the purposes set forth in Part II of the Guidelines of the Indiana State Police Department only, unless the prior consent of the Town Council is first had and obtained.
   (F)   The Clerk-Treasurer of the town is hereby authorized and directed to take any and all steps necessary to establish an appropriation for the purposes provided for herein, in the manner authorized under state law.
(Ord. 88-010, passed - -1988)