In accordance with I.C. 9-22-1-11 and I.C.9-22-1-13(a), if in the opinion of the officer the market value of an abandoned vehicle or parts is less than $500, the officer shall attach thereto in a prominent place a citation containing the following information:
   (A)   The date, time, officer's name, public agency, address and telephone number to contact for information;
   (B)   The vehicle or parts are considered abandoned;
   (C)   The vehicle or parts will be removed after 72 hours;
   (D)   The owner will be held responsible for all costs incidental to removal, storage and disposal, and if not paid, the owner's registration privileges will be suspended on that vehicle; and
   (E)   The owner may avoid costs by removal of the vehicle or parts within 72 hours.
(Ord. 07-010, passed 9-25-2007)