(A)   The City Council shall hold a hearing at the time and place specified in the notice or at such other time as the matter may be heard. The City Council shall listen to the testimony of the City Administrator, Building Inspector, and such other persons as shall have a recorded interest or obvious possessory interest in the building or structure.
   (B)   The Council, after hearing the testimony, shall determine whether the proceeding shall be terminated, the building or structure should be demolished, or the building or structure should be made safe.
   (C)   If it is determined by the City Council that the building or structure should be demolished or should be made safe, the City Council shall fix a reasonable amount of time for the owner of the building or structure, his agent or lessee, to comply with the determination.
   (D)   A copy of the order of determination shall be served upon those parties receiving a notice of the hearing by regular mail at the last known address of each party.
   (E)   If the owner shall fail to comply with the order of determination by the date specified in the order of determination, then the city shall take such steps as it shall deem appropriate to carry out the same.
   (F)   The cost of carrying out the order of determination, if done by the city or its agents, shall be lien upon the real property where the building or structure is located, and shall be reported to the City Treasurer, who shall assess such costs against the property.
   (G)   The owner or party in interest in whose name the property appears upon the last local tax assessment records shall be notified of the amount of the cost by first-class mail at the address shown on the records. If the owner fails to pay the same within 30 days after the mailing by the City Treasurer of a notice of the amount of the costs assessed, the Treasurer shall add the amount of the costs to the next tax roll of the city, and the same shall be collected in the same manner in all respects as provided by law for the collection of taxes by the city.
(Ord. 226, passed 4-4-88)