§ 111.43  RATES.
   (A)   The rates and charges for television and radio signals distributed shall be fair and reasonable and no higher than necessary to meet all costs of service (assuming efficient and economical management), including a fair return on the replacement cost of the properties devoted to such service.
   (B)   The following is a schedule of rates and chargers per subscriber.
      (1)   Basic Service:  Currently $47.95 per month.
      (2)   Current installation charge for "Basic Service":  $20.00.
      (3)   Current installation charge for "Pay Service":  $20.00.
      (4)   Each additional outlet:  Currently $2.00 per month per outlet.
      (5)   At no time shall one-time installation charge for "Basic Service" or "Pay Service" exceed $20.00.
      (6)   Re-connection within 30 days after disconnection due to subscriber non-payment:  Currently $10.
      (7)   City Council will be notified 30 days in advance of any proposed rate increases for basic service or installation charges, and basic service or basic installation increases are subject to their approval.
   (C)   If, in the future, the state regulates the rates of the company for the services provided under this franchise, those portions of this section so regulated by the state shall be of no effect during such state regulation to the extent of any conflict therewith.
   (D)   Where an unusually difficult or abnormal installation is encountered or requested, the company reserves the right to require additional charges to reasonably recover the company's costs. Such charges may, at the subscribers request, be added to the subscribers monthly charges over a negotiable period of time.
(Ord. 224, passed  - -  ; Am. Ord. passed - -  )