(A)   The company shall extend the installation of cables, amplifiers, and related equipment throughout the city as rapidly as is practicable.
   (B)   Within one year from the date of certification from the FCC, the company shall be capable of providing "Basic Service" on a regular basis to at least 25% of the city residents.
   (C)   Initial channel capacity of the system shall be no less than 35 channels.
   (D)   The company shall provide "Basic Service" to one outlet on each floor of all existing or future police and fire stations, the City Hall and all public and private schools located within 300 feet of the company's cables, and shall also provide two separate channels for load management control from the city's main substation and electric administration building to the head equipment and all CATV distribution locations, located within the city without any charge therefor.
   (E)   In the event of an emergency situation, the city may interrupt signals otherwise being distributed by the company for the delivery of signals necessitated by such emergency.
(Ord. 224, passed  - -  )