(A)   The building or business owner shall have sole responsibility for installation of the rapid entry key lockbox.
   (B)   The rapid entry key lockbox shall be installed on the front of the building, near the main entry door to the right side at a height not to exceed seven feet (7') aboveground, unless approved by the fire chief. Each box comes with a red sticker that will be applied to the front door.
   (C)   The rapid entry key lockbox shall contain keys for the exterior doors clearly marked and any interior doors where alarm panels, electrical panels, sprinkler controls or hazardous materials are stored.
   (D)   The rapid entry key lockbox shall contain elevator keys, if applicable.
   (E)   No steps, displays, signs, other fixtures or structure protrusions shall be located under the box which would allow intruders to access the box without assistance.  (Ord. 891, 10-9-2019)