(A)   The following structures shall be equipped with a rapid entry key lockbox approved by the fire chief:
      1.   All buildings within the village having an automatic alarm system or equipped with an automatic fire suppression system, except one- and two-family owner-occupied dwellings.
      2.   Multi-family residential structures, including senior citizen apartments/condo complexes, that have restricted accesses through locked doors and have a common corridor for access to living quarters.
      3.   All high-rise buildings, i.e., structures having floors at or above fifty feet (50') above ground level.
      4.   Commercial or industrial buildings identified by the fire chief as difficult to access during emergencies.
      5.   Businesses sharing a common wall.
      6.   All new construction, subject to this section, shall have the rapid entry key lockbox installed and operational prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy.
   (B)   Any building or structure having on site twenty-four (24) hour security personnel, or businesses open for business twenty-four (24) hours may be exempt from the requirements of this section at the discretion of the fire chief.  (Ord. 891, 10-9-2019)