§ 10.18  APPEALS.
   10.18.01   Decisions on sign permit applications, as well as directives, orders, notices and all other sign-related decisions of the Zoning Administrator may be appealed to the Board of Adjustment.
   (A)   Initiation of appeal.
      (1)   An appeal under this Article may be initiated by following the procedures set forth in KRS §100.261, within the time allowed by that section.
   (B)   Hearing on appeal.
      (1)   Within 60 working days of timely receipt of a notice of appeal, the Board of Adjustment shall hear the appeal in an open, public, duly noticed hearing. The appellant and all other persons wishing to be heard shall be allowed to present evidence and argument. The Board will base its decision on the law and the evidence presented at the hearing. The Board will issue a written decision within 30 calendar days of the hearing, and the written decision shall state the decision and the facts and law supporting the decision.
   (C)   Waiver of time.
      (1)   Any of the timeliness requirements of this section may be waived by the appellant.
   (D)   Judicial Review.
      (1)   The decision of the Board of Adjustment is final. Further review may be had in Kenton County Circuit Court, pursuant to the Kentucky law of civil procedure.
   (E)   Status pending appeal.
      (1)   While any sign related matter is on appeal, the status quo of the subject sign(s) shall be maintained, except when, by virtue of physical condition, the sign poses an immediate threat to the public health, safety and welfare, in which case the threat may be abated in the same manner as any other immediate threat to the public health, safety and welfare.
(Ord. O-37-08, passed 9-9-08)