10.10.01   Wall Signs.  Each institutional use shall also be allowed one wall sign for each public entrance to a building; such wall signs shall not exceed four square feet each and shall not be illuminated.
   10.10.02   Detached Signs.  Each institutional use may have one detached sign, not to exceed 40 square feet in area and eight feet in height. This may include changeable copy signs, not to exceed 30%) of the sign area. Such signs may be illuminated.
   10.10.03   Detached Signs Not Legible From the Right-Of-Way.  To improve wayfinding on institutional sites with multiple buildings, the following detached signs are allowed in addition to those allowed under this section. One detached sign not legible from the right-of-way, not exceeding 20 square feet in area and not exceeding six feet in height shall be allowed for each three separate buildings or per vehicle entrance, whichever is more. Such sign shall be set back from the public right-of-way 50 feet, from any other property line a minimum of 30 feet, and from a residential zoning district a minimum of 50 feet. Such sign shall not contain changeable copy and the sign may be internally illuminated or externally illuminated from an exposed or concealed source.
   10.10.04   Banners.  Any institutional use on a site larger than five acres may erect banners on the site, subject to the following conditions:
   (A)   Such banners shall be anchored to a pole or building at the top and bottom, so that the end of the banner does not flap in the wind, like a flag or pennant:
   (B)   Such banners may be attached to poles serving another purpose, such as supporting parking lot or street lights, or to separate poles used only for the banners;
   (C)   If the banners are attached to separate poles, those poles shall not exceed 24 feet in height, and no two such poles shall be closer to one another than seven feet, measured in a straight line;
   (D)   Such banners shall not exceed 16 square feet in area on one side;
   (E)   Each such banner may contain a message on each side. Messages on such banners may include messages related to the activities or services of the institution or other non-commercial messages. No such banner shall in any case include any commercial message unrelated to the institutional use;
   (F)   Such banners shall not be separately illuminated; and
   (G)   Such banners may be visible from the public right-of-way but shall not be legible from any location except the site used by the institution.
   10.10.05   Incidental Signs. Additional detached signs, permanent or temporary, of not more than two square feet in area and four feet in height are allowed, provided that such signs contain no commercial message and are not illuminated. The intent of this regulation is to provide for signs that provide messages like “no parking”, “no dumping”, “beware of dog”, “rest rooms”, but such signs may bear any message that is not a commercial message.
   10.10.06   Traffic Control Signs.  Signs conforming with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and containing no commercial message are allowed in required off-street parking areas.
(Ord. O-37-08, passed 9-9-08)